Here is list of recommendations of resources that we use and love for saving money and living a frugal lifestyle. We will always be adding to this list as we come across new and exciting resources that we want to share with our readers!

Resources for Saving Money

FREE Grocery Pick-up at WalMart: This is a HUGE money saver! Avoid buying things that aren’t on your list, and watch your total add up in real time so you never go over your budget! You can even refer your friends and earn $10 per referral!

Ebates: Ebates gives you cash back on a ton of your online purchases! (HINT: you can use Ebates while buying your groceries online and Walmart and get even better savings!) You can refer your friends and earn $25 per referral!

Ibotta: Earn cash back on your in-store purchases from a variety of different stores. You can cash out your cash back for a ton of different gift card options! You can refer your friends and receive $10 per referral!

Resources for Budgeting

EveryDollar Budgeting Tool: EveryDollar is an online budgeting tool that is free, and easy to maintain! You can download the app on your phone and always have access to your budget, with super easy customization.