Saving Money

Below you will find a collection of articles designed to help you save more money and work towards a frugal lifestyle! From saving, to budgeting, to living on less… it’s all here!

23 Simple Ways to Save Money On Groceries and Stay Under Budget

Groceries are often the second largest expense in every household. The average American household spends about 11% of their annual salary on food, and it’s just about 50/50 on groceries and dining out. When it comes to cutting costs, most people look at decreasing the amount they spend on food, because it’s almost always possible to spend less. So when it comes to spending less on groceries, these tips will have you saving money on food every month!… [Read the Article]

10 Biggest Money Wastes to Avoid to Save a TON of Money

People don’t often realize how much money they’re throwing away, and how easy it can be to save money each month. Avoiding these things people waste their money one, can help you to live a more frugal lifestyle!
Hint: the BIGGEST money waste is at the end!… [Read the Article]

7 Easy Steps: How to Reduce Expenses and Save Money On Bills

At some point in everyone’s life, there’s a need to save money. Whether you’re looking to save money every month on bills, save up for a vacation, or if you’re just trying to build up your emergency savings account, these seven simple money saving tips will help you to reduce expenses and save money on bills every month! … [Read the Article]

6 Simple Steps to Create a Budget that Actually Works

Setting up a budget plan can be a challenge to anyone who is new to budgeting. But it can be as simple as you make it, and still get the job done. Creating a personal budget plan is important in helping you manage your finances correctly, and get the most out of your money! A budget will not only help you plan where you’re going to be spending money, but it will also help you later see if you did, in fact, stick to your plan, or if you overspent… [Read the Article]

19 of the Best Saving Money Quotes of All Time

If you’re looking for just the right thing to say to express your feelings about saving money, look no further! Here’s the ultimate list of saving money quotes!… [Read the Article]

11 Best Tips and Tricks On How to Save Money In College

College is one of the hardest times to save money. You’re paying tuition, having to buy your own necessities, and also trying to have fun with all your new college buddies! But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to save money in college and still be able to have fun!… [Read the Article]